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Writing Samples

Interactive Media Scripts

The Living Half-Life of Hu Jun Li 

Second-screen experience concept script. In a fantastical Wild West, twins Jun Li and Jun Hao traverse the veil between life and death in order to protect the abused workers of the first transcontinental steam rail. When the higher-ups take notice, the twins are forced to make a decision. The line between justice and murder is a thing to be reckoned with.


VR game script. Washed up on the shore of an island made of trash and completely without memory, you find yourself in the care of a stranger.

Barks for a Western-Themed FPS

Barks. Written for a fictional Team-Based Wild West FPS game. Three character classes (Tank/Healer/DPS) with distinct personalities reacting to and signaling events in gameplay. 

Text Games

A Mother's Love 

Twine game. A scientist-mother, picking up the pieces in the aftermath of tragedy. "A dirge for him, the doubly dead in that he died so young."

Traditional Media Scripts

Simon and the Demon

Short film. A deadbeat surfer dude contends with the immortal demon that shares his body.

Graphic novel Scripts

The Beginning is the End

Comic book prologue. In the ruins of the world, hope springs anew. She just needs to send a package.

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