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First Post (Or, Why I Decided to Start a Game Design Blog)

In my experience with most disciplines-- everything from making hard-boiled eggs to learning how to do the splits-- equally as important to mastery as the ability to perform well is the ability to articulate: "Why?"

Why do you do that the way you do? Why do you do it in the first place?

And I think perhaps that's even more important in the creative world. Why do you make your work the way you do? The process speaks to the maker as much as the result. You can land at the same product or idea, but the path that gets you there is what's most telling.

So in the spirit of articulating "why" and also celebrating the messy, delightful, often frustrating but always cathartic process that is game development, I felt like it would be nice to have a place to share my thoughts. These posts will definitely be equal parts geeking out and critical creative/technical analysis; but, with any luck, they will be fun to read, too.

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