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Order of the Snow Rose

An exercise in designing around a prompt:

Design a tabletop RPG system based on the classic Grimm fairy tale "Snow White and Rose Red".


Long ago, the Kingdom rang in the coronation of two royal couples: two brother princes wed to two sisters known as Snow White and Rose Red. The new Queens did the lion’s share of the ruling, and were renowned for being peaceful, just, and above all else dedicated to helping people solve problems. Whether it was getting one’s beard stuck in a tree or simply needing a place to stay warm in the winter, no concern was too large or too small.

   However, a kingdom is far more complex than a cabin in the woods. In order to help as many people as possible all across the Kingdom, they started an organization: The Order of the Snow Rose. The Order’s job was simple-- “Help.” And so these battalions of Snows and Roses (named for the Queens they set out to represent) dispersed to offer aid to those in need.

It has been years since the founding. The original Queens are long since passed, but their ideals live on as the Order continues. The only problem is that helping isn’t always easy: not everyone wants help, some only wants certain kinds of help, and as time has gone by the Order has had to navigate more complex waters than a mere commandment of “Help” can steer through. 

You, the Players, are fresh-faced members of the Order setting out as a 
squadron of Snows and Roses to help the needy and aid the ailing...

Whether they want to be helped or not.